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One of our aspects to improve the private banking in Iraq and support all our customers around Iraq, expanding our branch network...

We are Pleased to inform our customers that our branch in Basrah and Erbil are launched now and ready to offer all banking services.

Please contact us on for more details.

  Setting Up New Branches

Our Reputation for excellent service has been spread to every area you will find Dar Es Salaam Investment Bank near of you to meet all your Banking needs.

  ATM Cards

Extra convenience and flexibility with Dar Es Salaam Investment Bank's ATM cards.


  Visa Card

Our Experience, business relationships, and business structure create an opportunity that will benefit you financially through an easy mean of doing business



Through its inventive approach to banking and quality range of banking products and services, Dar Es Salaam aims to establish itself as an icon of Iraq 's strength with a brand name and identity that is tantamount to integrity, progress and quality innovation.

Dar Es Salaam aims to be the most respected financial services company by its branches which located 7 in Baghdad and 7 in other governorates.



Dar Es Salaam's services are primarily split between corporate and personal banking.

The services they provide are summarized as follows:

- Account services in Iraqi Dinars..

- Local and international payment services..

- Trade services to support importers..

- Financing to assist in meeting your business..

- Share dealing services on the Iraqi stock.. 


  Our Branches

  Park Sadoun Branch   Rubaie Branch

  Karbala Branch




Dar Es Salaam offer a wide range of products
and services that is rapidly growing.. 


Whatever business you're in, whatever the size of your business,sound financial... More..

  Share Price

  Dar Es Salaam + 6.200

  Exchange Rates

 1,859.013 IQD
 1,180.00 IQD
 1,634.724 IQD
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